Laely and Tom met while working at The Cheesecake Factory! Laely was a server, and Tom was a busser. They had been really good friends for 3 years. The whole time they were friends, everyone who knew them, said they would end up together. They always told their friends no and that they were just friends! Turns out they were right! Lely and Tom started dating in June 2020 and their wedding will be one year from our first date! You can click here to see their engagement session!

Laely shared with me how Tom proposed.

“He took me to the spot of our first date! For our first date Tom told me he wanted to go stargaze in the mountains and asked if I would show him a good spot. I took him to a beautiful place in my hometown, Bailey. We ended up watching the sunset, stars, and sunrise! It became our spot and we’ve been back a few times since to watch the stars. On the day of the proposal he told me he had a bad day at work and wanted to go to the mountains to get away. He told me he was really mad, and on the drive up he refused to eat (he was nervous) and didn’t talk to me much. I just thought he had a bad day and I tried to be supportive. When we got to our spot he pulled out a Polaroid camera and asked if I wanted to take cute photos! We took some cute photos and apparently I touched his butt (oops) where the ring was hidden. He thought I felt the ring and he got very nervous (I didn’t). We set up the camera for a photo and he looked at me and said, “You touched my butt” and I said “Uhh sorry?” and then he kissed me and said “no, you touched my butt” then he took the ring out and proposed and took a Polaroid as he did it! I am so happy we have the photos and a very cute story to tell.”

For the GROOM! What things do you love most about her?
I love that she is the most kind and caring person I've ever met. She always puts others first and can see the good in anyone. I love her big brain and how she can talk for hours with such excitement on her passions. Most importantly I love that she makes me feel loved, supported, encouraged, and validated; and it's always reflected in her eyes.

For the BRIDE! What things do you love most about him?
He is strong and supportive and always makes me feel known, loved, and heard. I feel so safe and unconditionally loved by him. He grounds me and always knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. I love that we can talk for hours about anything or nothing. I would be happy doing anything with him. I love his laugh and his sense of humor. He truly brightens up my life.

Venue/Planner: Mountain View Ranch By Wedgewood Weddings
Photography: Kari Joy Photography
Videographer: Dgass Photo
HAMU: Wedlocks
Florist: Amore Fiori Flowers
Cake/Dessert: Dessert Stand
Bridal Gown: Casa Blanca Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

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  1. Thomas C. Jones says:

    Great photos of a wonderful couple but where are the famely group photos?

    • Kari Kuschel says:

      Hey Thomas,
      I sent Laely and Tom their full wedding gallery that has all of the family group photos as well as many others taken from the day! I just included a few highlights in this post!


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