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All of my favorite childhood memories are attached to photos. Perhaps this is because I was constantly looking through my old family photo books as a child, or maybe it's because I discovered you can capture MAGIC in photos! Photography has a way of letting you relive a moment in time and take you back like it just happened yesterday. More than words could ever do, photography can preserve a moment, an emotion, a feeling, and the story of your love.

My love and wonder for photography has always been within me. It's that same love and wonder I take with me every time I pull my camera out to capture these special moments for others. My focus is on capturing more than just pretty photos, but authentic moments that can be cherished for years to come. Photos that will feel like magic when you look at them because you can perfectly relive everything about that moment. When you see your photos you won't just see a couple posed on their wedding day, you will be drawn into that moments and taken back to relive what it felt like to be marrying your love!

"Where my love of photography and passion to capture authentic moments collide"

"Can you see it? Did you feel the magic too? When I see that photo from my wedding day I remember how good the warm sun felt on my back. My dress was simple, but had a stunning open back. I can smell the freshly cut grass as I'm walking toward the lake. I see him in the distance with his back to me and I wonder what he will think of my dress. I hope he likes the open back, it's my favorite part! 

Whew, that was a quick walk! Okay, here we go! Take a deep breath I say to myself......'Okay you can turn around now...' He turns around and immediately he embraces me and pulls me in close to him... is he shaking? Wow, he is speechless and when I look at him his eyes fill with tears as he tries to hold them back. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in tightly. His hugs are my favorite. He is my favorite. I feel his warm hands on my bare back. I've never felt so much comfort and excitement all at once. He pushes me away so he can spin me around. He gives a loud whistle and stops me halfway into the spin so he can get a better look at the back of my dress. 'Yes he noticed!' I thought to myself. He pulls me in tight and says, 'You are stunning. The back of your dress is my favorite. You're my favorite! I melt into his arms when I suddenly  hear the click of a camera shutter. I forgot our photographer was there capturing our moment unfold!"

I'm so glad you're here! I'm Kari, a joyful and enthusiastic life-getter! I love Jesus, my family, the mountains....oh and capturing couples in love right here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and beyond! 

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I believe in capturing authentic emotions that perfectly reflect your love and relationship through laughter and sweet moments!

When you’re in front of my camera we will create memories while I will lead you in natural poses and prompts that will help you look and feel your best. You deserve to have photos you love and look amazing in!  I help my couples feel comfortable in front of the camera by creating moments - not poses. 

Having been a bride myself, I remember the things that were most important to me; getting to marry my best friend and celebrating our love with our friends and family. From each intimate moment to every tiny detail that you put thought and effort into on your wedding day, you can trust me to capture it all and tell the story of your love through every frame.

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My Family

Meet Kyle, my husband of almost 8 years and Oliver, our two year old. Also our newest member added to the crew is Bennett, he was born 5 days before Christmas! These boys bring so much joy and laughter to my life, I'm thankful to have such cuties of my own to photograph! Thank you to Chelsea Sliway for capturing most of these photos of my family!

couples reviews

Working with Kari for our wedding was an absolutely amazing experience! Kari is so warm, kind, and funny and made us feel so comfortable. Not only does she make everyone feel comfortable, she makes the photo process incredibly fun. We had an absolute blast taking pictures and it shows in the final product. We love our photos and everyone has absolutely raved about how wonderful our photos are. Kari is absolutely amazing and you will not be disappointed!

"Kari felt more like a friend and the ultimate "hype-man" than just another vendor we hired."

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"My husband and I have looked through our wedding photo gallery multiple times a day ever since Kari sent them over and every day we find new favorites! I am sooo obsessed! Not only was Kari professional, but she strives to serve you and ensure that your wedding day goes perfectly! I will forever recommend Kari Joy Photography!


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"Not only did our pictures come out looking AMAZING but she was also the funnest person to have around on the day! She put us both at ease and made the entire day a pleasure."


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"Kari was an absolute joy to work with! She is so kind and warm and makes you feel at ease the minute you meet her. She is a true celebrator! I was amazed and over the moon with the results. I absolutely love the photos and am so thankful we had Kari as our photographer!"


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"I am SO glad that we found Kari! From the first meeting, she was warm and professional. She answered all of our questions and we felt an immediate connection that continued into our photo session. She made us feel SO comfortable and provided great coaching throughout the session. She has gone above and beyond to surprise and delight us and I can't recommend her enough!"


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Your photographer should feel like a friend, not just another vendor! I'd love to connect with you and hear your story and the vision for your photos. You can fill out the pretty little contact form below and I'll be in contact soon!


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Thank you for sending your inquiry! A reply will be sent to you within 48 hours. If you don’t hear from me please try sending me another message to my email below. I can’t wait to talk you soon!


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