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I made all these resources for my couples getting married and anyone else who happens to stumble across this page! I remember when I got married I  knew NOTHING about weddings and didn't really even know where to start!

Here you will find resources my couples say have been the most helpful when planning their wedding day! 

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is a first look for you?

There are so many factors and SO many articles that talk about doing a first look or not doing a first look. It can become so confusing! Take this fast and easy quiz to help you know if a first look is for you or not!

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Kristen and Joe are both Colorado natives and grew up in Evergreen! They met for the first time while both working at a local movie theater. They lost touch over the years, but later reconnected in college and immediately hit it off! We decided to explore a new spot, Brainard Lake, outside of Boulder. It […]

Kristine & Joe Engagement Session At Brainard Lake

Rylee and Matt had such a beautiful wedding at the beginning of June at Hudson Gardens. Rylee had a relaxing morning with the girls. Meanwhile, Matt got his blood pumping with the guys by starting the day off with some lazer tag! They decided to do a first look with one another and it was […]

Rylee & Matt Wedding // Hudson Gardens

Moments on your wedding day you must have captured!

Top emotional moments you want captured on your wedding day

Laely and Tom met while working at The Cheesecake Factory! Laely was a server, and Tom was a busser. They had been really good friends for 3 years. The whole time they were friends, everyone who knew them, said they would end up together. They always told their friends no and that they were just […]

Laely & Tom Wedding // Mountain View Ranch Wedgewood Wedding

Weather in Colorado during the spring time can be a little unpredictable! We had to reschedule our session that was supposed to be a couple weeks before this one. What was supposed to be a beautiful weekend, quickly turned into a snowy, muddy, windy, and below freezing afternoon. We decided it would be a lot […]

Monika & Leif Engagement Session

Taylor and Mike had the best wedding celebration! They actually got married last year after having to reschedule their 2020 wedding because of COVID. However they weren’t going to let that stop them from becoming husband and wife! They decided to have an intimate backyard wedding with just their immediate family to witness them saying […]

Taylor + Mike Wedding Day

Have you asked the questions “how much should I spend on my wedding photography?” yet? If so, you’re in the right place! I’m so excited you found this article, because if you’re reading this, chances are you’re engaged!! Woohoo! That is something to celebrate! Naturally you’re thinking about wedding planning, and trying to tackle the […]

Average Cost of A Wedding Photographer in 2021

Congratulations! If you’re reading this then you are most likely engaged…or about to be! One of the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to wedding planning, is who your choose as your photographer. It can seem like an intimidating task with so many good ones to choose from. Your photographer will be the […]

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

The first time London and Demtrius met was in high school. One day Demetrius was walking in the hall at school where he saw London. He thought she was GORGEOUS! He stopped and asked if she wanted to go salsa dancing sometime. She laughed and then headed to class. That was the last they saw of each other. That is until the first day of college they happened to sit next to each other in their first class!

London & Demetrius // Brittany Hill Wedding Venue in Denver

Want to know how to make your home screen look like the photo above? There are serval apps that you can pay for that will give you this look. But if you want to try it out first I’ve provided my icons and a tutorial for free! Here is the link to my canva template, […]

Neutral Iphone Home Screen Tutorial

Bryony and Mik have known each other since they were 13! They met when taking Tae Kwon Doe classes! They had been good friends for a long time until one day about 5 years ago they both started developing feelings for one another. We did their engagement session back in January 2020 at Evergreen Lakehouse! […]

Bryony + Mik Snowy Elopement