Botanical Garden Wedding //Brittany & Isaac

The day started off at the beautiful Chatfield Botanical Gardens. With it being mid summer everything was green and colorfully bloomed at the garden. Brittany and Isaac had recently moved to Colorado so most of their family and friends were flying in from out of town to celebrate their wedding! With a bridal party of 15 people (not including Brittany and Isaac) it was easy to see all of the support and love they have from their friends!

Although the day started off rainy and threatening to pour the whole day something really special happened! It drizzled on and off before the ceremony. As Brittany walked down the aisle the rain began to come down a little harder. The most amazing part though!? By the time Brittany and Isaac said I do and kissed it was SUNNY and BEAUTIFUL outside! Even though the sun wasn’t supposed to come out at all the rest of the day! The evening was gorgeous with so many sweet moments shared with family and friends!

Congratulations Brittany and Isaac! You two share a special and sweet love that is sure to only be strengthened by whatever life tosses your way! Thank you for letting me share in your day!

Lucy + Andy Veil Mountain Wedding

Andy first saw Lucy at work. He immediately liked her and they became fast friends. Everyone in the office saw how much liked each other and were waiting for Andy and Lucy to start dating! Andy hesitated to ask Lucy out because he wasn’t sure what she would say, and didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Eventually Andy asked Lucy out and the rest is history. They both moved here form the UK at the beginning of the year for work and decided to get married here. All of their closest friends and family flew out to celebrate their wedding with them at the top of Veil Mountain Ski Resort. It was a beautiful summer day with mountain views as far as you could see!

Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch Wedding (Skye + Tony)

Skye and Tony had such a beautiful wedding at Wedgwood Ranch. They choose classic blush and navy for their wedding colors to pair with this mountain venue. Almost everyone in their wedding flew in from out of state! Skye and Tony moved to Colorado not long ago to attend school here and decided they would have their wedding here. They had the most touching first look, wile their family looked on, there was not a dry eye! It was so amazing to see how much their families loved and supported Tony and Skye!

Venue | Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch

Desserts | The Dessert Stand

Wedding Arch Florals/Sweetheart Table | Amore Fiori Flowers

Hair Hair | Amy Dacosta

DJ | DJ Maestro

Dress | David’s Bridal

Skye + Anthony Garden Of The God's Engagement Session

Skye + Anthony Garden Of The God's Engagement Session

Engagement Session

April + Kirk Mount Falcon Engagement Session

April + Kirk Mount Falcon Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Geena + Tommy St. Vrain Wedding

Geena + Tommy St. Vrain Wedding


Date Night Ideas!!

There is just something exciting about declaring date night! Sometimes I’ll get a text from Kyle and all it will say is “Date Night. TONIGHT!” And my whole attitude changes, we love date night! And we believe it’s important to keep date night special, where we set aside time for each other and focus on one another.

Some nights I just want to stay in, while other nights I want to get dressed up and be downtown! We love mixing it up and planning different dates depending on our mood! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite date night ideas for whether you feel like staying in or hitting the town.


Did you see the giveaway that I’m hosting? To celebrate going full time and in honor of date night, Kyle and I were inspired to do this giveaway. The winner will receive an $100 gift card to our favorite date night spot…..Hibachi!! The giveaway does not start until March 6th. The winner will be announced on March 20th.

To enter this giveaway you must post a photo on Instagram of you and your significant other on date night!! Be sure to tag me in the photos @karijoykuschel with the hashtag #kjdatenightgiveaway .

You can enter this challenge more than once for extra entries! If you want even more entries, tag your friends in your post. They must also share their date night post and add: “Challenged by @yourinstagramhandle” So I can know who to give the extra entry to!

date night ideas.jpg


Are you ready for some fun ideas?

Let’s start with the…..

Home Body Date Night Ideas


1.     Solve a mystery together!

I love a good mystery solving and can’t think of a better bonding activity than hunting a killer! This is subscription based and each month you receive a box with a crime for you to solve!

2.     Who can plate it fancier?!

This one is one of our favorite things to do! We will both buy groceries and make dinner together. (It usually ends up being some kind of pasta dish with bread) Then we each will get a turn to show off our skills and “plate” dinner for each other. The fancier the better!! This one is extra fun if you are competitive!

Gaming Date Night Ideas

Maybe you’re jonsin’ for a date night during the week, or you’ve had a long week and just want to relax and have some fun?! These date nights are perfect for that! Especially if you are competitive!


1.     Nickel – A - Play

One night Kyle and I checked out this arcade off of Mississippi in Aurora. Although most of the machines were broken down it was one of the more fun date nights we’d had in a while. We are very competitive and they had several multiplayer games.


2.  Main Event - Laser Tag

This is a new arcade in the Highlands Ranch Area. It’s filled with tons of games, bowling, and laser tag. Laser Tag was specifically thrilling!


3.    The 1UP Arcade Bar In LODO

Just like the Main event but no kids allowed! The arcade is all yours!!


4.     K-1 Speed

Keeping with the theme of “things I did as a kid” This Indoor Kart Racing is definitely a great way to get any pent up emotions out! Really though, these tracks are a lot of fun!


Exclusive Date Night

1.     Speak Easy

For a classy night spent away from the crowds check out this list of the top speak easies in Denver

2.     Art District on Santa Fe

Support the local talent and check out the new exhibits on display! Every week, they have new exhibits at their member galleries in the Art District on Santa Fe. Check out this link for upcoming events!


3.     FLOAT

If you’ve not heard of this new craze, floating just might become your favorite! This zero-gravity environment void of distractions might be the perfect way to kick your weekend off! Especially if you had a stressful week!

A New Experience


1. Take a cooking class together!

 Taking a class together, like a cooking class, is a great way to grow and strength your relationship. It’s also great if you’re not a good cook!

2. Take Dance Lessons

Dancing with your significant other can prove to be either a very humorous date night or a very intimate date night. It all just depends on how well you dance?


 I hope this has given you some great ideas to start planning your next date night! Don’t forget to post pictures during you date night and tag me @karijoykuschel with #kjdatenightgiveaway!

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Liz & Matt Colorado Engagement

Liz & Matt Colorado Engagement

Liz and Matt were standing in the security line at the airport. Trying to play it cool Matt couldn’t help but feel nervous, and that’s when it happened. Liz reached for the shoes…NO!!