There are many decisions you make for your wedding day and this one could greatly impact how smooth your day runs! The anticipation and the excitement are still the same when you’re about to see your future spouse, whether it’s walking down the aisle or choosing a first look. So why would a first look be a good idea? I’m glad you asked!

1. More intimate

On the wedding day the focus is generally all on the Bride, and that can be a lot of pressure! For the first look we help you recreate the experience of walking down the aisle, but it’s just the two of you! This is nice because don’t have the added pressure of people watching you and feeling like you have to react a certain way when you see your future spouse.

2. Special Moment Together

It’s so special to have a few quiet moments together before you start the ceremony. And after all, don’t you want to spend as much time as possible with your almost spouse on your wedding day?! And trust me, your man is going to want you to do a spin so he can admire his future wife and that gorgeous dress! You can’t exactly do that when you walk down the aisle!

3. Spend more time with Guests

Now for some couples this isn’t a big deal, but if you really want to greet all of your guest you might prefer more time with them at cocktail hour. Traditionally most of the formal photos are taken after the ceremony and before the reception. To accomlish this task  you normaly need 90 minutes! If you want to mingle with your guests and not keep them waiting at cocktail hour, doing a first look would allow you more time!

You can take all of the family formals and bridal party shots before the wedding even begins. This will give you more time with your guests at cocktail hour and you won’t have to worry if people are starting to get bored while you taking photos!

 4. Not Shooting in the dark

Many weddings start close to sunset, so by the time the ceremony is over it is starting to get dark! Consult with your photographer on the timeline to avoid shooting important family formals or portraits in the dark! Doing a first look allows you to move these photos up earlier in the day so you can shoot in beautiful light and not have to worry about flash making your forehead shiny!

5. You can’t control bad weather and you get More Photos

When you do a first look you are generally taking Bride and Groom portraits twice! The first time is during the first look and then again right before sunset (for the most dreamy and romantic light!) This gives you a great variety of photos and if the weather turns and you aren’t able to take photos outside after the ceremony, you already some!

I hope that insight into why doing a first look might help your wedding day run smooth was helpful! Do you think a first look is right for you?