Unplugged ceremonies; Is this a fleeting trend or solving a real problem?

If you haven’t heard about this popular trend, the couple asks (by making signs or having the officiant make an announcement) for their guests not to taking photos on any device during part or all of the wedding. Below I will list out some benefits to having an unplugged ceremony so you can decide if it’s something you want to incorporate into you wedding!

1.) Your guests can be present. In a time where people often live through their screen you can set your wedding apart and allow guests to actually enjoy your whole celebration! Instead of guests worrying about getting the “perfect” photo, they can just live in the present moment and fully enjoy the celebration!

2.) Photoboming Guests. I can’t tell you, as a wedding photographer, how many beautiful photos I’ve taken that were ruined by someone photoboming with their camera! (And no you can’t just photoshop everyone out!) As much as you would hope people would be respectful and aware of the professional hired to document your day, you would be surprised! I captured this beautiful moment of the bride being walked down the aisle by her dad BUT…. you guessed it…I had a photobommer! And not just any photobomer! This person was taking photos with her HUGE Ipad. It was almost comical! But at the end of the day it was a beautiful photo ruined by a giant eyesore of an Ipad!

3.) Your guests camera flash will ruin your professional photos! If your guest takes a photo and that flash pops up that changes the lighting. A photographer will have their camera settings JUST right for the lighting situation. When an unexpected flash pops up, the whole image can be blown out and that’s not something you can recover in post editing. To think you could miss out on a photo of your first kiss together because of an unsuspecting guest using their camera!=

4. Lastly take a look at these wedding photos that have been photobommed by guest to see what a “pluggled” ceremony might look like 

When you pay for a professional photographer you don’t want to risk your photos getting ruined that will never happen again! I hope that was helpful and at the end of the day there is no right or wrong decision on this topic!

* Second shot with Jacey Caldwell Photography