To this day our Honeymoon has been my favorite vacation ever! It is awesome to have a vacation after all the wedding planning and have time together before jumping into “the real world” as married couple! Use these DO’s and DON’TS to have an awesome honeymoon you’ll be talking about your whole life!


DO take as much time off work as possible!

There are very few life events that actually justify taking large amounts of time off in the eyes of your employer! Your honeymoon is one of them. In total for my wedding I took 3 weeks off. This may seem impossible for some of you to do in your job (believe me I thought so too!) I sat down with my boss and told him why I wanted 3 weeks off, and the most amazing thing happened, he said take 4 weeks if you need to! So go all out and take a big chunk of time off. Heck, take 8 weeks off if you can! Have fun because YOU’RE MARRIED!!

DON’T plan out a detailed itinerary for your trip.

This one is a hard one for me to follow because I have to make sure my time is optimized and I’m able to have as much fun as possible! BUT, if you have a loose plan scheduled you can have more fun and more time for relaxing! One plan one or two things a day and your honeymoon will be filled with the perfect balance of exploring and relaxing together!

DO make sure your passport is updated if you are traveling out of the country!

If you are planning on taking your husband’s last name, buy all of you tickets and keep your passport in you maiden name. Then when you return from your honeymoon you can change your name legally. Otherwise it’s a headache trying to get all of the paperwork in order before you leave!

DO bring a camera, go pro, or underwater camera.

We brought our Go Pro and when I came home I made an album of just honeymoon photos. We had the best time ever and I love having photos to share with friends and remember how awesome our honeymoon was!


DON’T go back to work the day after you come back from you honeymoon!

You are going to be tired from traveling and maybe jet lagged. Take a couple days off so you can unpack and get everything in order and go back to work rested. Kyle and I took a whole week off of work after Hawaii and it was the one of the top best decision I made in the whole wedding process!

DO consider having a honeymoon register.

This allows guest to put money towards excursions you may be planning. Lots of friends and family would love to take the money they were going to spend on a blender you may never use and instead put it toward sky diving or kayaking!


DON’T wait until the last minute to book your flights or hotel.

You get great prices when you book early, it’s not worth the risk or stress to wing it or wait until the last minute.

DO pay for as much as possible before you leave.

It’s so nice to go on an all inclusive vacation. Or at least have the major expenses paid for. Then you don’t have to worry about your budget or even just brining your wallet everywhere!

And lastly…

DO tell everyone it’s your honeymoon because…FREE DESSERT!! Trust me, this one works!!

Happy Honeymooning!