Mike and Taylor had met at an internship over the summer. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they were both into each other and they started darting. After 6 months Mike knew he wanted to proposed but he wanted it to be extra special! They both shared a love for sports and often went to Rockies games together.

He decided he would propose to Taylor on opening day at the stadium! He had it all planned so that between the third and fourth innings “Will you marry me Taylor?” would pop up on the screen. Mike was so nervous the whole time, but tried to play it cool. Finally the third inning was over and Mike was sweating bullets! He tried to make small talk while watching the screen…waiting for his moment to propose. But advertisement after advertisement passed and next thing he knew they had started the fourth inning.

Confused and worried that the details had been mixed up he tried to play it cool and figured he’d wait another inning or two! The next several innings came and went…and nothing! Mike had to get creative with excuses for why Taylor couldn’t get up to leave and get snacks too because he didn’t want her to miss it!

She thought it was a little weird, but she was enjoying the game! Finally after the 7th inning his sign for Taylor popped up!! Mike quickly said, Taylor look at the screen!! By the time she looked, it had changed slides!! Mike was nervous but he played it cool. Then he waited a few minutes and he had his chance. Taylor read the sign aloud “Taylor will you marry me!?” she said aww someone with my name is getting engaged today. Thats when she turned to Mike to see the ring in his hand!!

Of course she said yes and everyone in the stands around them cheered and celebrated with them! They got to end the night with a win and a beautiful fireworks show!

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