Sadie and Matt had a lot of family traveling from out of town to celebrate with them! They knew they wanted to get married at a small and intimate place. That’s when friends offered to have the wedding on their beautiful property in Golden. Sadie and Matt knew it was the perfect fit and even spent time over at the property to help get ready for the wedding. They cut grass, trimmed trees, pulled weeds, you name it, they helped!!

The day of their wedding a heavy rain started. They were all getting ready in the house and enjoying the company of their friends and family. They knew rain or sunshine they would be getting married, a little weather wouldn’t stop them.

Private property weddings are so relaxing because if things fall behind schedule, its okay! You can push back the timeline and not have to worry about the venue charging you extra for staying late, or loosing time at your reception.

They waited about 45 minutes for the heavy rain to pass before everyone made their way outside to witness Sadie and Matt become husband and wife. The ceremony and rest of the evening were beautiful and dry!