Brian and Rachael hadn’t know each other long when Brian knew that he was going to marry Rachael. That had met at church during a local young adults group meeting. Not long after the two began dating and were the perfect match for one another!

Brian wanted the proposal to be special and for it to be a surprise. During the summer Brian and Rachael often went on hikes and walks together. He was planning to propose on Thanksgiving day! Since it had been colder the last several months they hadn’t gone on many hikes or walks. Brian was worried if she asked Rachael to go to a hike when it was forecasted to be really COLD that she might catch on!

So he changed his plans up to keep her off his scent! Thanksgiving morning Brian insisted him and Rachael go for a walk even though it was really cold and windy. At first Rachael thought it was weird, but then began to suspect he might propose! So she agrees to go for a walk and comes home with no ring on her finger and just a little disappointment. She thought for sure he was going to propose then!

That night both families met and joined each other for Thanksgiving. A tradition in Brian’s family is for everyone to go around the table and say what they are thankful for! Brian set it up so Rachael would start and Brian would be the last. After nervously waiting for everyone around the table to share it was finally his turn! He kept his cool at first saying he was thankful for family and his job. And then he turns to Rachael to tell her that he is most thankful for her. He shared how much she means to him and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Then he gets down on one knee and proposes!!! Of course she said yes and there were tears as everyone cheered and congratulated them!!