If you’re anything like me, I didn’t know a THING about planning a wedding when I got engaged. I was never the girl who had dreamed of this day since she was little and was planning her wedding since she could talk. Honestly though, I kinda wish I had been! There were so many things I didn’t know about, it felt like I had to catch up on a lifetime of wedding dreams to make our wedding the perfect party for us! Here are some DO’S and DON’TS I learned along the way!

DO enlist help from people you trust! I like to do things on my own, but it’s great to be able to delegate certain tasks to people you trust. My mom was in charge on my bridesmaids gifts (she made these amazing makeup bags) Kyle was in charge on the DJ and music. I did several DIY projects so I would invite all the bridesmaids over to come help. It was fun and took WAY less time with all of us working

DON’T be your own wedding planner! Hire a wedding planner or a day of planner. They need to know all of the details, be organized, and take care of any stressful situations before you even know about them. Your best friend might offer to be the planner for the day, but ultimately you want to enjoy the day with your friends and family, and not have them running around taking care of details. Leave that to a professional who can take care of business!

DO create a budget! Decide right away what the most important things to you are. This is where you will allocate a larger chunk of your budget! The dress, the venue, and the photographer were my top priorities. That helped us know I was going to invest the most in this TOP priorities.

DON’T feel like you need to invite everyone and their mom to your wedding! This is a celebration for YOU, and it should feel like one!

DO take dance lessons for your first dance! My parents gifted this to Kyle and I and we had a blast together with my parents. Not much of what we learned we retained, but it made me feel less nervous and a lot more excited! (Kyle is a MUCH better dancer than I am!)

DO hire a professional to do your hair and makeup. They know how to create beautiful looks that will compliment your best features. They also know the tricks to make sure your hair lasts ALL day and your makeup never smudges or looks shiny (especially during the reception when flash is most likely used!)

DON’T have drastically different hair and make up from your everyday look.

DO enjoy being engaged! This is a special time and you’ll never get this season of being engaged back! Enjoy saying ‘Fiancé” and getting free desert everywhere you can!!