Being engaged is not like any other time in your life! You want your photos to reflect who you are as a couple and what you love about each other. Your photos should be just as unique as you are! Below is a guide for how to have the ultimate unique engagement photos!



There are so many options when choosing locations for photos! First think of the types of locations you would like your photo. Do you want mountains and nature or urban and buildings? Maybe there is a location that is special to you because that’s where you first met, said “I love you” for the first time or where you got engaged.

Your photographer is also a great resource to help find locations that fit your description, so ask them for advice too!


Choosing Your Photographer

A photographer can make or break your photos! Let’s face it, being in front of a camera can feel so awkward! How can I get those adorable photos of couples like I’ve seen on Pintrest of us?! Does this pose make me look like I have a double chin? Having a photographer who is skilled in their craft but can also help you feel comfortable is key to getting photos you will love!

All of my couples are guided through each pose and then set up so they can interact genuinely with each-other. I call it “Flattering Candids” This involves lots of fun prompts that will have you both laughing with each other and possibly tearing up!

Plan a special activity

Is there something the two of you love to do together? Something you met while doing, or that you bond over? Find a photographer who can capture you in your element!

    • Go to your favorite field or hike with a mountain view!

    • Camping Photo shoot -If you love camping, plan a photo shoot with a tent, campfire, s’mores, and hot cocoa!

    • Water Themed – Go kayaking, paddle boarding, or anything else in the water. Plan for a fun session on the lake or by the river!

    • Incorporate a smoke bomb, sparklers, or your pets
    • Have a winter snow sessio



Choosing what to wear for your photos can be time consuming! When you book a session with me you receive a free “Engagement Session Style Guide” to give you ideas on what to wear and how to choose outfits that compliment one another. Engagement photos are also the perfect occasion to have your hair and make up professionally done. It makes getting ready that day more enjoyable and your artist can give you great tips on the best make up specifically for photos!

Time of day

The time of day you take photos will make a HUGE impact on your photos. Sure a skilled photographer can still make any time of day look good but you might be missing out on “Golden Hour” or “Magic Hour”. During this time the light is soft and beautiful and everything it touches glows! Seriously it’s amazing! When does this magic hour appear? Golden hour is typically an hour after the sun first rises, or the hour before the sun first sets. (keeping in mind mountain locations are different) Scheduling your session to fall with in this time will create even more memorable and timeless photos!