What should my wedding timeline look like?

A photographer who has shot many weddings before has become on expert on the wedding day timelines. Each wedding is unique, but there are some things that are generally the same. How long family formals take or how much time your photographer needs for getting ready photos to shoot the details! They are the best source when planning your wedding day timeline, so use them!

Are you familiar with my type of wedding ceremony?

There are many different types of ceremonies, religious and traditional. Be sure to describe your ceremony to the photographer. This is especially important if you are having a specific kind of ceremony because your photographer needs to know what’s important so nothing is missed!

What time should the ceremony start?

Photographers are also light experts! Ask your photographer when the best time for your ceremony to start is! They will be able to help make sure you get amazing light for your ceremony (which will make your photos glow!) and make sure your portraits after the ceremony are in the best light. Trust me when I say this is a really important thing to ask your photographer before you finalize your invitations! It could save you from running out of natural light on your wedding day before all your photos were taken!

Should I do A first look?

Every couple is different! You should definitely consider doing a first look on your wedding day. If you’re unsure whether or not you should…first talk to your fiance. But also talk to your photographer so you can hear from them why you might want to do one!

What should I wear to my engagement session?

I love this question. When couples book with me they get sent a whole style guide to help them plan out their engagement outfits and location. If you’re really not sure what to wear or you’re wondering do I need more than one outfit, then ask your photographer! They might have a fun style guide to send you too!