Kyle and I have had our “interesting dates” and they usually fall around valentines day. We aren’t too crazy about this Hallmark day and we go on dates often already! But this is a fun time to get super cheesy and make memories, normally of all our failed attempts at things! The more unusual the better!

1. Buy your woman or man an outfit (or several)

               When Kyle and I were dating he started this tradition and would normally buy me a couple different dresses. One time I even got a cute pair of boots. I choose the outfit I want to wear and we go out to eat. It’s always so fun!

2. Find a place to eat you’ve never been to

               You might not like the food but it will be a good experience. We went to a place called Cowbobas and they sold steak and boba. The food was terrible but it was an awesome experience that we still laugh about today

3. Surprise them with cheesy notes

               I tried to deck Kyle’s car out one year with cheesy notes and balloons, basically vomit Valentines all over his car. I wasn’t sneaky enough because he could totally see me from the upstairs window intruding his car.  The surprise was ruined.

4. Make a Giant “kiss”

               One year I took a bunch of Rice Crispies and molded them together like a Hershey’s kiss. Then I wrapped it in foil and topped it off with a paper banner sticking out the top saying something cheesy

5. Make a scavenger hunt

               Create clues that take you all around town that lead up to your activity or date you’ve planned

6. Have a gift delivered to their work       

               I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like surprise gifts, especially at work! Arrange a delivery for a surprise gift to arrive and work and everyone will think you’re the sweetest!

7. Buy them a puppy.

               I’m going to be real, this one is just in here in case my husband is reading this!

8. Fancy Night it

               Wear the fanciest clothes you own and dine in the luxury of your own home!

9. Paint each other then make a canvas

               If you’ve seen Modern Family, you know what I’m talking about!

10. Re-create your first date

               Our first date was making a fort, watching planet earth, and eating monkey bread!


Happy Dating!