I’ve had the privilege to see some beautiful places in Colorado. It would be selfish of me to deprive this information to you all. Also I want you to see these amazing places and experience them for yourself.  In descending order here are my favorite places in Colorado!


10. Gross Reservoir



Located in Boulder with intense views from all sides. This one is a must for any time of year. It’s also never crowded and very quiet.


9. Sand Dunes

sand dunes

Located in the South East corner of Colorado will leave you feeling you’ve transported across the globe. Try camping out on a night there is a full moon and explore the dunes in moonlight!


8. Bridal Veil Falls



Located in Telluride this spot boasts the title of Colorado’s tallest waterfall at 364 feet! Have fun bouldering around this spot right off the road.


7. Crystal Mills

Couple (48 of 90).JPG


Located near Marble this spot will take you back in time! A delicate mining house hangs next to a roaring waterfall. If you keep hiking past the waterfall you’ll hit several ghosts towns that will really take you back!


6. Grays & Torrey’s



Located near Georgetown, this beginner fourteener will wow you with it’s views and get you hooked on fourteeners!


Now we get into my ALL TIME FAVORITE SPOTS IN COLORADO that I’ve visited! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share these with you. PLEASE VISIT THEM! And take me with you!

5. Mount Sneffles/Blue Lakes



Located in Ouray rightfully earning the nickname “The Switzerland of America” Do you need to know anymore than that to want to visit?!

4. Black Canyon



Located near Gunnison and not actually black. This canyon is so narrow and deep that light only touches the bottom of the canyon for a short time everyday. You can  start at the top and drive all the way to the bottom!

3. Rifle Falls


Located in Rifle, winning (in my book) Colorado’s Best Waterfall! Now some may disagree but this place left me stunned. It’s Colorado’s tallest triple waterfall and in the summer is framed by lots of gorgeous green plant life. It reminded me of the waterfalls you find in Hawaii. This is rare for Colorado because most waterfalls are on a rock surface with little to now folliage. There are also fun caves with bats you can explore here. GO SEE IT!!


2. Maroon Bells


Located near Aspen and so good you will want to go twice in one day! Or at least that’s what I did! My sweet husband woke up with me to watch the sunrise here. We loved it so much we drove back that night to explore before sunset! These peaks are so stunning.


1. Dream Lake


Located in Rocky Mountain National Park. Winning BEST SPOT IN COLORADO. So here is the scoop. I saw a photo of this magical place on Instagram a few years back and had to see for myself if it was as amazing as it appeared. Long story short, it was A MILLION times better than that. I’ve gone in the summer and in the winter. It’s amazing at all times of year but I have never seen anything as magical in my life as my winter hike before sunset. It was cold beyond cold, but I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life. I was literally speechless. So if you’re into that sort of thing…go to Dream Lake!