Okay when I tell you what the mistake I made was you’ll either be intrigued or laugh at me!

One big mistake you can make on your wedding day is…


Or not eating! This may not seem like a super big deal but it is. I’ve almost had grooms pass out during Bride and Groom portraits because they did’t eat all day. I can’t even tell you how many weddings I’ve been at where the Bride or Grooms gets nauseous and sick because they haven’t eaten anything all day! It actually happens a lot more to my grooms! I totally get it, and I was the same on my wedding day! We’re excited and ready to get married and we have no appetite. But after going all day, having the ceremony, doing family formals, by the time it comes to Bride and Groom Portraits I really have had grooms almost pass out! Thankfully my extra granola bars were enough to tide them over until dinner and help them feel better. But it can totally ruin your evening if you get light headed and feel terrible because you haven’t eaten all day.

Yes, it may seem like a no brainer but for those of you that are like me, once you get going you have a hard time stopping, which also means stopping to eat! It just seems like it can wait and before you know it you are out of time!

This all starts the night before the wedding. Make sure to eat something on the lighter side so you don’t wake up feeling bloated or gross from that cheese quesadilla or deep fried onion rings. Honeslty I was so nervous and excited I wasn’t hungry the night before and barely ate.

In the morning make sure to have a filling breakfast. Try to eat a normal breakfast, eating the food you noramlly would in the morning so you don’t throw your body off balance! Again don’t eat too heavy!  My first mistake was that I never ate breakfast.

Take time to eat lunch! My family was wonderful and they brought sandwhiches, veggies, and fruit for the bridal party. Some were getting ready while others ate lunch, it worked out perfectly.


I had maybe 3 carrots and that was it!! I still wasn’t hungry.So fast forward to right before I’m supposed to walk down the aisle and I’m struck with hunger pains. HUGE hunger pains! And there was no food anywhere!

Pro Tip: Give someone who will be close to you all day the task of always carrying snacks and water! As a photographer I carry extra snacks in case this happens to my couples because I’ve been there, and it’s not fun!

Dinner time! We had amazing BBQ that was cartered by one of my bridesmaid’s mom. The food was incredible and our family made sure we had at least 20 minutes to just sit and eat at our table uninteruped! Which was awesome…but I was so excited to say hi to everyone I hadn’t seen yet, I left my plate early!

Pro Tip: Task someone to actually pack up some of that delicious food for the two of you to take with you that night. Most hotels have microwaves also! Trust me, you will probably work up a hunger later.

Lastly and most importantly; Snacks!! Once Kyle and I were ready to relax in our honeymoon suit, can you guess it?

We were Hungry!!!

We got in the car and headed out into the mountain town. Everything was closed. The grocery store, the gas station, and even taco bell!!

Pro Tip: Make sure when you’re packing for your wedding night you throw in snacks. More than you think you need!

All that to say, I LOVED every minute of my wedding day. But I could have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so distracted by those annoying hunger pangs! Plan ahead and avoid this mistake!