Rylee and Matt had such a beautiful wedding at the beginning of June at Hudson Gardens. Rylee had a relaxing morning with the girls. Meanwhile, Matt got his blood pumping with the guys by starting the day off with some lazer tag! They decided to do a first look with one another and it was such a sweet moment. Matt could hardly wait to see his bride, as soon as he turned around to face her he was holding back the tears. They exhaled a sigh of relief as they got to see one another and as Matt admired what a beautiful bride his soon to be wife, Rylee was!

During the ceremony Matt again held back tears as he saw Rylee and her dad walking down the aisle. That same emotion was felt by everyone when Matt shared in his vows how looking back, it was so silly how long it took him to say, “I love you” he vowed to Rylee to never withhold telling and showing Rylee how much he loves her for the rest of their lives. During Rylee’s vows she shared that statistic impossibility of finding true love…about 1 in 10 lifetimes. She shared how lucky she feels to have found Matt. During the toasts at the reception, Rylee’s dad confirmed just how rare and beautiful a love they share! Now that was one great speech to kick off the reception to celebrate the beautiful love these two share!

Rylee and Matt met in March 2018 on the online dating site OkCupid while Rylee was going to school in Kansas. They talked on the phone and would Facetime for 2 months before they finally met in person! Their first date was a hike in Boulder and it was an instant connection. They’ve been together ever since!

Rylee Shared with me how Matt proposed.

“One Thursday night when I got home from work there was a suitcase with a note telling me to pack because we were going to the mountains for the weekend! Immediately I wondered if he was planning a proposal but wasn’t quite sure. We had talked about it a little but life had been crazy and I convinced myself that it wasn’t happening. Friday night we drove up to Silverthorne and checked into a hotel. We had a nice dinner and went to sleep! The next morning we slept in and went to Starbucks for breakfast. We talked about taking a drive to go see the fall colors but he didn’t seem to have anything planned. Finally he “found” a cool spot and said it was a quick easy walk and that we should go check it out. He was acting a little weird but I didn’t think much of it. When we finally got to the trailhead I realized it was actually kind of a hike and got a little grumpy. Walking up Matt was taking pictures on his camera and there was another couple a little ways behind us taking pictures too. The hike was a little difficult, mainly due to the fact that I was wearing jeans and boots! I was getting super grumpy about it and actually asked if we could just go back to the car a couple times! Finally we reached the lake and I sat down on a little wooden bench. At that point I was very grumpy cause I was out of breath and all hot and sweaty! Matt was taking pictures and then said that he needed to get another lens cause the photos weren’t turning out great. All the sudden he stood in front of me and starting talking about how much he loved me! Immediately I thought he was joking and told him to stop, but then I saw him holding a ring box and knew it was for real! He said a couple stellar puns and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Obviously I said yes. We took a couple pictures and then celebrated with some champagne!”

Matt shared with me some of his favorite things about Rylee are that she is a very kind person who is very passionate about the people she is close to. Matt said he also loved that he and Rylee have the sense of humor.

Rylee shared with me that she loves Matt’s humor and his ability to always make me laugh, even when I’m stressed.

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Venue: Hudson Garden
Wedding Planner: Erica Whatley
Photographer: Kari Joy Photography
Videographer: Ray and Ash Media
Florist: Frontrange Florists
Hair Stylist: Tracy Pyatt
Makeup Artist: Taylor Olson
Bride’s Dress: The Bridal Collection
Bride’s maids Dresses: Azazie
DJ: DJ Guy
Caterer: Something Social
Cake: Nothing Bunt Cakes
Photobooth: Nacho Typical Photobooth

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