Trevor and Theresa love to travel! In the three years they’ve been dating their top favorite places they’ve traveled to have been Portland, Maine, Hawaii, Mexico, and Norway! With all their travel plans being canceled this year Trevor had to think of a special way to propose that still involved traveling to a new place! Here is the proposal story from Theresa’s perspective.

“Trevor whisked me away for a secret get away weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. He found an adorable “luxury camping” resort where we didn’t have to worry about supplies or food but we still were in the mountains and able to unplug and unwind from the craziness of 2020. The surprise didn’t stop there, we woke up before the sunrise and he took me to another secret location. We pulled into a field where a hot air balloon was being inflated! We went on the hot air balloon ride and saw Colorado from a different and spectacular point of view. After the balloon ride, Trevor said he had no more surprises and we were just going to go back to our tent site to have lunch. We went to unzip the tent and I heard Dolce and Denali barking, then my entire family came out from behind the tent! I was shocked and after we said our hellos, Trevor took my hand and got down on one knee. I, of course, was a hot mess from the shock of it all and could barely get out the word YES! We then had an impromptu engagement party that the staff at Black Tree pulled together. It was amazing to be able to celebrate with all my favorite people (and dogs)!”

Having a session at Garden of The God’s was very special to both of them because they both group up near this area in Colorado. Both moms came to help with the dogs during photos, and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with amazing weather!

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