Lauren was supposed to go to a concert venue with some of her friends on Saturday night. She was talking to her mom on the phone earlier that day telling her mom that she didn’t really feel like going. Lauren’s mom told her she should and that it would be good for her! After a little convincing, Lauren decided to go ahead and meet up with her friends that night…little did she know that was the night she would meet Nick!

While planning a wedding during COVID-19 put up it’s fair challenges, at the end of the day Lauren and Nick were ready to do whatever it took to get married! Surrounded by their closest friends and families on a beautiful plot of land in Monument they shared I do’s.

As the evening started, friends and family were sharing toasts. They all resounded the same thing; how evident it is that Lauren and Nick are deeply in love. From every look they give each other to how they act with one another.

Have you ever seen those movies where the main couple is dancing in a crowded room and then all the sudden everyone in the room disappears and you only see the two of them dancing? I feel like I witnessed THAT exact moment from the outside looking in. It was a special moment, right after Lauren wiped away a tear of joy from Nick’s face, and you could tell they weren’t aware of anything else happening in the room, just each-other, locking eyes.

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