We met at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC Times Square. Isaac was currently in Fort Dix, New Jersey for the Army and Brittany was in Lynchburg, Virginia where she was attending law school. They both happened to be in NYC for the weekend. Isaac was eating a burger at the Hard Rock and went to the bar to order a drink. He saw a group of women sitting at the bar and went to say “hello.” Brittany and Isaac kept talking and, at the end of night, Isaac asked for Britany’s number . . . but Brittany was taken at the time….


A few months later, Isaac decided to venture to Colorado. Looking for a free tour guide, he contacted Brittany – remembering that she used to live there, only to find out that she had moved back to Colorado and was available 😉 Brittany was busy studying for the bar, but made time to answer him. They texted every single day until Isaac’s trip to Colorado. After a long flight and $80.00 cab ride, Isaac arrived in Colorado. He picked Brittany up in his “sweet rental car” (aka a white Toyota Corolla). They went to Golden to Old Capital Grille, where Brittany ordered a salad and Isaac will never let her live it down. Isaac took Brittany to Look Out Mountain to watch the first of many sunsets together. After the sunset, they went to get a drink and ended up talking for hours before Isaac took Brittany home. The first date went so well, we decided to go out again the next day.

On our second date, Isaac picked Brittany up with flowers . . . to give to her mom. They spent the second date exploring Downtown Denver at one of their favorite places, Union Station. They spent all night talking, learning about each other, and figuring out if it was worth taking a chance in order to be with one another. The second date went so well, they decided to go out again the next day!!

Brittany offered to drive Isaac to the airport on his last day in Colorado. His flight didn’t leave until 3 a.m. so they spent the night at a Village Inn near DIA, where they split strawberry cheesecake and Isaac convinced her that he was worth the 1,117 miles between them.

Isaac had the sweetest proposal planned out for Brittany too! They relived their first date, going to all of the places that had become so special to them. Ending at Lookout Mountain for sunset, Isaac had the ring in his back pocket the whole time and his heart was beating so fast that Brittany even commented on it!! Isaac had been preparing for this moment for six months by making Brittany take the same posed picture at every scenic view they were at. Isaac took Brittany to the spot where they took their first picture together, exactly 365 days before. He told Brittany to turn around towards the view, so he could take a picture of her looking into the sunset (“the pose”). He told Brittany he was going to take a timed photo, so that he could be in it, and not to turn around. Isaac placed the camera (on video mode) down on a rock and got in place behind her. He got on one knee and said Brittany’s name….and well she said YES!!!