Sadie and Matt started off good friends. They met through a mutual friend and ended up working together! A short while later they actually ended up roommates, where their friendship grew. Sadie always loved Matt’s sense of humor and how he always made her laugh! Matt loved Sadie’s big heart and that she let him be a dork around her! Then after knowing each other about 2 years they started to see something more than friendship stirring and officially started dating! Fast forward about a year and Matt had a big surprise up his sleeve!! He was ready to ask Sadie to marry him and was looking for an epic and personal way to do it! They are big baseball fans, so Matt had the perfect idea!

They started off the day of their one year anniversary tubing and then had a nice lunch together at a local spot on an outdoor patio. After that they took the light rail downtown and headed to the Rockies game. This was a special night because it was the fireworks show. (I don’t know if anyone else reading this was at that fireworks show this year, but it has been labeled their BEST show yet!! The perfect show to propose at!!) After the game was over they stayed in their seats watching the firework show begin, and Matt got down on one knee and asked Sadie to marry him!

She was not expecting it to happen during the game and of course she said YES!!!!


We had a great time during their engagement session taking photos around the Golden area. Matt and Sadie have amazing chemistry and they are such caring people! They are really easy to hang out with and we discovered we share all the same dream vacation destinations!! Such as New Zealand!

 I can’t wait to celebrate them at their wedding next year!