There are a lot of things that I’m passionate about and get overly excited over! So today I’ll share with you one of my favorite things which is my love for music!

I’ve been saved by grace and my passion and joy for life comes from that fact. I’ve been promised life to the full and I take that seriously. So dream big and then go for it!

In 6th grade I made a decision that changed my life! That decision was…. drum roll please…. pursuing my love for music!

Not as exciting as you were expecting? Well just keep reading!

God has reached my heart through music when nothing else could get to me. I think that music communicates something that words cannot. It can get past barriers of the heart that normal conversation sometimes can’t penetrate. I grew up in the church and fell in love with music and singing in 6th grade. So I went way outside of my comfort zone and tried out for my youth group’s music team. Can you say awkward?!? But I made it! I originally wanted to play drums but my parents said heck no! (looking back this was wisdom) So I learned to play guitar instead and I loved being about to make my own music at home.

Funny Story: I was super shy in 6th grade and just barely made it through the singing try outs for the team. The first time I ever sang on stage I was so nervous and worried that I turned the mic off and then sang my little heart out. The worship leader pulled me aside after and said “If you want to be on the team you can’t mute your microphone. You made the team for a reason! If you mute the microphone again you’re off the team.” So that scared me, but it was exactly what I needed to hear! I wanted to be on the team but didn’t know how to overcome my shyness. I decided to just focus on God and not my stage freight! And that was the trick!

My husband is also a musician and a SUPER talented one at that! (Stay tuned for a post on how we met!) He can pretty much play everything (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and piano are his biggest strengths) and best of all has a DREAMY voice! We would love to travel the world one day and with music!

So dream big and then just go for it! Your dreams never happen if you aren’t willing to make them happen. It might not always turn out like you expected but that’s just part of the quest!


Stay tuned for future blog posts for more fun facts and silly stories!

Until Next Time,
Kari Joy Kuschel