Happy Tuesday!

So I don’t know how many of you are like me but

I LOVE art projects! I also am

                           at all things craft!

Here is my attempt to seem like I know what I’m doing…
I will have this beautiful vision in my head and then after all the time and hard work I put in, I will look at the final product and it almost always looks like a toddler was the project manager! However, thanks to google, pinterest, youtube, and yes even instagram, (tag my social media accoutnts!)  you can learn anything these days. The key I think is to keep it simple (it’s much harder to mess up things if you keep it simple, however I can still find a way!) In case you missed my last post, I’m doing a photo session giveaway at a local community event coming up! I am also in charge of the photo booth, so I wanted to do something simple and adorable that families would love to have as their backdrop! So what did I do? Hit up pinterest of course and found my inspiration.

First I wanted to pick my color palette:

Then the pattern for my paper flowers:

website (21 of 30).jpg

I wanted simple paper flowers with streamers for a SIMPLE spring back drop!
So I started with the paper flowers. There were of course a few failed attempts:

But then I got the hang of it!

Then I got to do the fun part and put all the beautiful streamers and flowers together. Because the actually wooden backdrop that I will be using is in storage I made everything portable for quick set up! It was a little windy outside which made for some funny pictures at points but I do love how flow it is!

The kids LOVED the Easter Bunny 

Others had a very real stranger danger alarm going off… and really can you blame them?

Then there were some who thought the Easter Bunny was just a nice fluffy chair!

I hope all the families had a wonderful time at the event! If you took your photo with the Easter Bunny and never got your free digital images please e-mail me and I can send them to you!


Thanks for checking it out!


Kari Joy Kuschel
Quest Photography