Gunnison was amazing! This is going to be less of a hiking post and more of a “we went to a lot of cool places, that all have awesome hikes, but we didn’t have time to hike them” post! Here is a video of our fun trip! Filmed with iPhone 6, Nikon D7100, and Phantom 3!

After church Kyle and I drove to Gunnison to visit our good friends Jonathan and Loren Orange! It was a beautiful 3 1/2 hour drive, I wanted to stop and take more pictures but we wanted to get to Gunnison!



We got there in the late afternoon where they took us to the Hartman Rocks Recreation Area. With over 8,000 acres of land this play ground is great for mountain biking, hiking, motorcycling, rock climbing, bouldering, horse back riding, and trail running. We had fun bouldering with the pups and catching some cool drone footage! And the boys mountain biked!

After a really late night everyone agreed that watching sunrise at Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park would be a good idea! It’s located in Montrose County, so we woke up at 4 AM and just barely made it in time for sunrise! This whole canyon is 48 miles long with the deepest point reaching down 2,722 feet! Definitely a dizzying view looking down from the top!! We were at the south rim.  We also had a chance to drive to the bottom of the canyon by the river. 


After that we had a chance to visit a place I’ve been wanting to go to for a long time since I saw a picture of it. It’s called Morrow Point Lake. No picture can truly capture how amazing this place is. The drive is stunning as you drive up high on the mountain on a windy pass with green trees lining the road. The lookout is called hermits rest.


Our friends, the super talented Oranges, did a backpacking trip here! Go check out Loren’s blog about it and see their amazing photos; there is also a link to a super awesome video Jonathan made of their time there.

The last place we went to was called Mill Castle Trail. Our hike was fairly short because we were on a time crunch and lightning and thunder started to roll it. This difficult trail would certainly be rewarding if you’re up for the 16 mile round trip for an up close view of the stunning castles!

After washing up and eating dinner we headed back to Denver and made it back a little before midnight. Definitely a successful weekend!!