So Kyle got me a drone for my birthday (an early gift). Now before you call us crazy, it’s a drone with a camera attached! And no we didn’t get this so we could spy on our neighbors and be named the creepy Kuschels, but because when one of our friends showed us some footage he captured with the Phantom drone I was amazed! Instantly I thought about all the amazing shots and angles this could offer for the hikes we go on. Also it’s just a really fun toy! So we have the Phantom 3 Standard. This thing is no joke though flying as high as 500 meters with a flight time of 30 minutes per battery. It also captures 2.7K video (a step up from 1080p and a step under 4K)

We have been having rainy weather several weekends in a row, so our hikes were short and sweet to get to the spots we wanted. I’ll have a future post about these spots though because they are both gorgeous! Everyday after work we have been running straight to the mountains just in time for sunset! (An overcast sunset) We got it about a week ago so this is just a preview of what’s to come! 

Movie edited on iPhone 6 with the IMovie app