One night Lauren’s friend invited her to go to a concert in Denver. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go, but her mom convinced her she should go! You never know who you might meet. Well…that’s the night that Lauren and Nick met!

We went to the Evergreen Lakehouse and it was no surprise it was SO crowded. Since summer just started and places are starting to open up more, lot of people were walking around the lake fishing. I even got tangled in a fishing line when we were taking the last shots of them by the lake. Both of my feel were so tangled that I almost tripped and fell over! Thankfully Lauren and Nick helped get me untangled so we could finish their session with some epic lake shots!

It was the perfect evening, and they even brought their two adorable dogs, Baxter and Maze. And course we needed to take some photos with Masks and Corona to remember this time.