Olivia and Ben have a rare and beautiful story. They have known each other since they were both one. Yes you read that right….before they could even talk. Both of their parents were very close friends and Olivia and Ben grew up to be good friends also. Eventually when they were older they moved away from each other but remained friends!

Their parents would often tell them that they should be together but Olivia and Ben just remained friends. One day (after 12 years of long distance friendship) something changed. Ben realized he had feelings for Olivia and he didn’t want to lose her! Finally Olivia and Ben’s parents got their wish…their kids started dating.

That takes us to three years later. Here is how Olivia tells their engagement story:

“Ben suggested a mountain trip and let me pick the place. He also let me drag him up the mountain at 5:30am to see the sunrise. Clingman’s Dome is the highest point of The Smokies in Tennessee and that’s where we went to. It was completely clouded over so we ended up walking down to a lower elevation and that’s where you could see the most beautiful sunrise. I was taking pictures waiting for him to propose and then he said my name and I turned around and bang! Engaged!♥️”

Olivia and Ben wanted a special Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement. After all of these years of long distance they were getting ready to start their life together. They knew they wanted something special with just the two of them.

The weather was beautiful, clear, and sunny! They exchanged vows at Sprague Lake just before the sunset!