Lauren and EJ had known about each other through mutual friends while finishing undergrad in Texas. One night Lauren was with friends when she saw EJ. She told her friend “That’s the love of my life!!” and got the courage to go introduce herself to him. Well she was right because here we are four years later celebrating these two! – I love this story because I was joking about Kyle being my best friend to my roommates before I ever talked to him. Sometimes we women just have a sense about these things!!

I love the proposal story that Lauren shared with me too!

“He proposed to me on our trip in Tulum, Mexico. We were having drinks at Pablo Escobar’s Mansion on the beach when a photographer approached us and asked if she could do a free photo shoot of us to promote her business. I was reluctant at first and respectfully declined which I’m sure had EJ sweating bullets. 😆 However, he convinced me and proposed during the photoshoot that he had set up. We then had a romantic dinner on the beach at sunset.”

These two will be back next May for their wedding!! I can’t wait to celebrate the start of their marriage!