One thing that Kyle is extremely gifted at is planning surprises. It’s basically his super power. He is always thoughtful and incredibly creative. A couple of weeks ago he told me he wanted to plan something to celebrate my first couple of weeks as a full time business owner.

Once he picked the day we were going to celebrate he told me to block off my calendar and not make any plans. He was not going to give me any hints another than it would take about 3 hours to get there. The night before he told me to wear comfy shoes for lots of walking, a jacket, and a snorkel, Obviously to throw me off.

Little did I know when I woke up that morning I’d be boarding a plane to Austin, TX for the day!!
We left at 7AM and started driving north. He wanted asked me what I thought the surprise was, but I was stumped. I said, “Well I thought we might be going to the mountains, but the only thing this way is the airport, so I have NO CLUE!!”

We turned onto the main airport road and Kyle says, “Hey, do you want to go to Pappasitos today?”
I just looked at him in disbelief because you can only get to a Pappasitos if you’re in Texas. All I managed to get out was, “What!?” He asked me again and I said, “Are we getting on a plane to Texas!??!” He said in his super cool chill voice, “Sure, why not?!”

You guys, I don’t typically get emotional and I’m not much of a cryer…but my eyes welled up with tears and I kept saying “ Are you serious? We’re going to Texas today?”

(To fully explain the deep and rich history behind our love for Pappasitos is difficult. Just know, I had made several remarks about how I would totally fly to Texas for the day just to eat there. I had no idea Kyle already had this plan up his sleeve!)

Once we landed, of course we went straight to eat lunch at Pappasitos, and reveled in the delicious house made tortillas and steak fajitas. Then we headed to SOCO where we checked out all the interesting boutique shops. We ate ice cream and tried on cowboy boots. Then we rented electric scooters and rode along the board walk to see the city skyline. We ended our day at the State Capitol Building. Then we took a Lyft back to the airport.

I still can’t believe we flew to Texas for the day to eat at my favorite restaurant. Kyle, thank you for all of your support and your incredible surprises! You know me well and you love me even better!

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