Krista and John had such a gorgeous celebration at a private property in Parker, Colorado. The two met at work where they both taught dance for high school students. They became fast friends and the rest is history. Since then they have spent their time together serving others and extending love to anyone in their path!

This was actually their third wedding celebration! They had a destination wedding in Mexico. Then they had a wedding celebration with all of their friends in India, where John started an awesome ministry and helped to build schools for children in need. Their third reception they wanted to have in Colorado to celebrate with all of their friends and family locally! Marriage is such an important thing to be celebrated and witnessed by the people we do life with. It was evident to see how much Krista and John value their commitment to one another and to the communities they are apart of. Even though it was their third time sharing their vows, they still choked up a little, which was such a sweet moment! (the vows already get me every time, so I was really holding it in here!!)

The day started off as a warm and clear August day, and by the time we were ready to start taking photos it cooled off to the perfect temperature! They also had one of the best sunsets I’ve seen this summer! Krista’s sister, Katie, worked hard to get everything together and decorated for this celebration while Krista and John were still out of the country. Take a look and see how beautiful and full of joy their reception in Colorado was!