Hooray you just got engaged!

After you make all the phone calls you make to tell your family and  after you update your social media status….what’s next?

Generally after you get engaged, one of the first things you start working on is choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Now take a moment and think of the list of people you are going to ask to be in your wedding party!

Now write that list down! (or make a note in your smart phone!)
How many on each side are you wanting?
Why are you choosing them to be in your wedding party?

I’ll wait….

Is your list ready?


Did you write down the reasons you are choosing them to be in your bridal party?

And did you write it down?

Okay good! We can proceed now!

Maybe it was easy for you to list off your top closest friends or siblings who will stand by your side on your wedding day. Then after that the list of friends might have grown, but you had to think a little harder! I’m sure you have different reasons for each person. Starting with “They are my best friend” “I’m super close with that sibling”

Those are excellent reasons to have someone in your weddin party.

Then as you worked to add to your list it might have turned into; They should be in my wedding party because…

“Well they asked me to be in their wedding.” “Even though we’re not close anymore they were my best friend in middle school.” “They would be offended if they weren’t asked to be in the wedding party” “My parents want them to be included” “I want an even number of groomsmen and bridesmaids” 

Do any of these reasons sound familiar? Maybe they even sound legit? I’m here to tell you they really aren’t!!

Don’t forget, this wedding is to celebrate YOU and your future SPOUSE coming together as one! Be picky about who is standing by your side. The wedding party is there physically standing by you when you get married, but it’s also metaphoric. The people you choose to stand next to you symbolizes that they are in support of your marriage and will continue to be there, to route for your marriage, long after the wedding ceremony is over! Do all those people you listed above fit that description?

The phrase more is less comes to mind.

it’s about quality not quantity.

Be realistic, the more bridesmaids or groomsmen in your party the more chaotic it is. Getting ready rooms can turn chaotic and the bride or groom can get lost in all of the choas. Surround your self with your closest friends and you’re sure to have a more peaceful and enjoyable wedding day. It’s so surprising to me how many weddings I’ve been to, where the only person the bridesmaids or groomesmen are concerned about is THEMSELVES!! I typically see this most when the wedding party is larger. I’ve also been blown away by how well some bridemaids/groomsmen have served and loved the bride and groom on their wedding day. You guessed it! Those are typically the smaller bridal parties.

Ultimately choosing the bridal party is up to you, and it’s most important to have people that mean the most to you standing by you on your weddig day. Maybe that happens to be  20 people, and that’s okay! You should have your day exactly how you want it! But taking a moment to really think about who is in your bridal party and why you chose them can have a huge impact on your wedding day! Take it from me personally, only invite those that value you and your future marriage. It’s bound to add even more meaning to an incredibly meaningful and special day!

Now have fun surprising your friends and family with an invitation to be a part your bridal party!

All the best,
Kari Joy