From the moment Kyle and I met Jenni and Marc we knew these two were something special! We loved watching these two interact during their engagement session. Marc played the guitar for Jenni and they sang along with their eyes locked on only each other. It is such a privilege to document their love story!

After their e-session we impatiently waited all summer for their wedding! As the wedding day got closer Jenni would share with me the different wedding details she was working on, and oh man can she origami!! She made the MOST amazing swans that I was drooling over as soon as she showed me. It is so sweet that Jenni and Marc made it together. It was such an elegant touch for the ceremony backdrop.

This was also such a special wedding for us because that SAME Sunday afternoon three years earlier Kyle and I were getting married in the Colorado mountains! It was so meaningful to photograph their wedding with Kyle and to celebrate the joy of marriage with Jenni and Marc! My heart was so full! I was trying to hold my tears in while they exchanged their vows because I was reminded of the first time I vowed to commit my love to Kyle. I’m so glad he was there so I could go hug him and after the ceremony and of course deny any kind of tearing up that may have happened. 

My favorite part of the whole wedding day was actually watching Jenni! At any given moment you could glance over at her and you could just see her soaking in the whole day. She wasn’t in a rush and you could see all over her face how grateful she was! And Marc, well he was SUPER excited to be married too, he could keep his eyes off Jenni all night!! These two know how to throw a great celebration and we are so happy to see them united together forever. You two make an amazing team, we can’t wait to see what you conquer next!


Venue: Lower Lakes Ranch in Pine, Colorado / Make Up: Kortney Kruger (Revive Hair Salon and color bar) / Hair Stylist: Emily Reed and Kortney Kruger / DJ: ABC MVP / Florist: Project Floral / Bridal Dres: A&Be Bridal / Desert: Rosie’s Sweet Treats