Our sweet and adventurous friends Jonathan and Loren came to visit us on the way to their next stop! They have been traveling the US in the RV the last year and a half and have seen some epic places. Every time they visit we like to plan a fun hike! This time when they came we packed up the dogs and stayed the night near Glenwood Springs. Of course we had to stop at my all time favorite Colorado waterfall, Rifle Falls! Then the next morning we drove on the most sketch road of my life in our jeep to the very famous Crystal Mill! We normally would have hiked a trail like that but we had to make it back to Denver that night for a Bethel concert. Since I haven’t taken photos with Loren and Jonathan I couldn’t let them leave without letting me snap a few. They were so much fun, and aren’t they photogenic? Love you guys, miss you already. 🙁

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