why you need engagement photos

Do you really need engagement photos?

Do you really need engagement photos?

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Why you need engagement photos!

Imagine this, it's your wedding day and you're in your room getting ready. Then a stranger knocks on the door. It's your photographer! Yay! But you've never met them before! …Awkward!! They are responsible for capturing the most important moments on your wedding day and you have no clue who they really are! Not to mention they are in the getting ready room as you and your bridesmaids are half dressed in your skeevies with their camera! There are many reasons to take engagement photos from practical to personal!


Get Comfortable!

There is no time to get to know your photographer on your wedding day! Meeting them before hand will put you at ease on your wedding day because you don't have a stanger running around photographing everything! This will help you be comfortable with your wedding photographer on your special day!


You'll have seen the finished photos from the engagement session and will have more confidence in your photographer, knowing they can capture AMAZING photos of you and your fiance! This will make sure you're not left wondering on your wedding day "I hope this looks okay" but you can trust your photographer is getting the perfect photos because they've already proven it!

Great Practice!

Maybe you feel a little camera shy, or you get awkward in front of the camera! The engagement session is a great time to get all that awkwardness out. If you have a good photographer they will help you throughout the session and often times you're using poses that you'll also be using on the wedding day!

It's Fun!

Lastly, it really is fun! It's a relaxed time to spend with your fiance and take fun photos together. It's fun to choose a location you love and make memories! You can get creative and bring your dog, or have a paint faint, or take a boat out on the lake. Sky is the limit with your session, so have fun and make it memorable!

Taking engagement photos with your wedding photographer ultimatley helps with nerves on your wedding day so you can relax and enjoy your day!