mountain wedding

Anneke + Mike // Colorado Mountain Wedding

As I wrote this post I am totally grinning as I think about how to explain Anneke and Mike to you! We had their engagement session in the mountains DURING winter. We rode up from Denver together so we could get to know each other better and that's when they introduced us to HQ. If you don't have this app go get it now! (Although I have yet to win :( If I could describe these two in one word it would be FUN. Or party. Haha! When you are with them it's guaranteed to be a party and you will have lots of fun and probably have sore abs from laughing so hard.

Their story starts back in high school when they met at youth group. They had been friends and all through out college grabbing lunch occasionally and keeping in touch. Anneke has always had a talent for making funny snapchat stories. One day Mike texted Anneke "I live for your snaps" And the rest was history. They started dating long distance eventually moving to the same state, and wound up in love!

I was laughing through out the whole wedding day as I heard story after story from friends and family of the infamous adventures and antics Anneke and Mike!

I am so encouraged that you keep fun and adventure a priority in your relationship. It will get you through the tough times and keep you looking young forever! In the future, I look forward to hearing all the stories of the amazing and legendary Mr. & Mrs. Pott's!

Elizabeth + Tom // Intimate Mountain Side Wedding

Elizabeth and Tom's story feels like a classic romance to me. The two started off as long distance pen pals, getting to know eachother only through written letters. Elizabeth told Tom that if he wanted to get to know her it wouldn't be through social media or video chat dates. Instead they started their relationship by only writing letters to eachother as dear friends, updating one other on the latest things happening in life and penning their hearts desires. This build a slow and sturdy foundation for their relationship and they both fell in love with one another's hearts. Then after almost a year of writing back and forth Elizabeth agreed to meet in person. And well the rest is history, shortly after that they were engaged! They had an intimate wedding filled with friends and family. Everyone was holding back the tears as these two poured out their devotion to one another during their vows.

I'm inspired by Elizabeth and Tom's strong devotion to one another! I am cheering you on in your many years ahead in marriage. I am so happy you have found one another to do life with. You are an encouragement to me and a wrecking ball for the kingdom!