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Brittany & Isaac Sunset Session

Brittany & Isaac Sunset Session

We met at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC Times Square. Isaac was currently in Fort Dix, New Jersey for the Army and Brittany was in Lynchburg, Virginia where she was attending law school. They both happened to be in NYC for the weekend. Isaac was eating a burger at the Hard Rock and went to the bar to order a drink. He saw a group of women sitting at the bar and went to say "hello." Brittany and Isaac kept talking and, at the end of night, Isaac asked for Britany's number . . . but Brittany was taken at the time….

Jenna & Joel Evergreen Lakehouse Engagement Session

Kyle and I met up with Jenna and Joel on a beautiful summer evening. We arrived at the Lakehouse in Evergreen a few hours before sunset so we could hang out by the water and be in the mountains! Jenna and Joel have contagious laughter so they were a lot of fun to be around. We loved hearing about how they met and the story of their engagement!

The two met a little over two years ago while they were both summer camp counselors and hit it off. When Joel was ready to propose he knew exactly where he was going to ask Jenna to marry him. It was Memorial day weekend and the two were back at the same summer camp they met at several years before.

Joel asked Jenna the night prior if she wanted to hike up to the top of a special rock they used to go to when they first started dating. So they got up at 4:30 am the next morning and they hiked up there just enjoying the soft sunrise and the joy of being in a place they loved! He started telling Jenna about their relationship and how much he loved how they've grown and what he's seen Christ do in and for them! He then handed her a note and while she was reading it, he got down on one knee. The last sentence in the note asked if Jenna would marry him! Of course she said yes!