What should my wedding timeline look like?

A photographer who has shot many weddings before has become on expert on the wedding day timelines. Each wedding is unique, but there are somethings that are generally the same. How long family formals take or how much time your photographer needs for getting ready photos to shoot the details! They are the best source when planning your wedding day timeline, so use them!

Are you familiar with my type of wedding ceremony?

There are many different types of ceremonies, religious and traditional. Be sure to describe your ceremony to the photographer. This is especially important if you are having a specific kind of ceremony because your photographer needs to know what’s important so nothing is missed!

What do you charge for overtime?

This is a great thing to know going into the wedding. Even thgouh your contract may only be for a certain amount of hours, it may be time for your photographer to leave, but you still want more photos. It's good to know what the overtime charge is so you can be prepared to ask them to stay knowing the cost!

How will I receive my photos?

There are several different ways your photographer can send your gallery to you. Wether it's DVD, UBS, or online gallery. Ask them how you will receive the photos so you can know what to expect!

How much are you involved in the wedding planning?

This is a really important question to ask your photographer so you can know what to expect. Some wedding photographers are involved very little and just show up the day of your wedding to photograph you day. Others will be more involved and will try to get to know you before the wedding and will also help with the timeline to ensure you have enough time to get the gorgeous photos you're wanting on your wedding day! Find out which camp your wedding photographer falls into!